Northington: New fracking rules will benefit industry and landowners

May 24, 2013

Houston Chronicle:

“…Hill and Knowlton, a global communications firm run by fellow Texan Jack Martin, has frequently used the phrase “License to Operate” in discussions about the challenges facing the industry at home and abroad as a result of the unprecedented boom. These challenges could jeopardize the oil and gas industry’s ongoing efforts to make America energy-independent. Others in the industry, myself included, have found this phrase helpful when thinking about the links connecting domestic energy producers, the federal government, and the American public. An increased understanding and wider acceptance of hydraulic fracturing by all relevant stakeholders will create a better-informed and more confident American public. As a result, the industry will be able to retain its License to Operate, secure the energy resources we depend on, and provide – directly and indirectly – millions of jobs for Americans…”